artist statement

I remember being told a story. Since that time I have never forgotten it. The question of real or fantasy does not cross my mind. The story I imagined is now a myth. The thoughts and beliefs I have about it add to the collage of my being. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are continually creating new arrangements in the story.

Stories and myths present life’s drama. They instill faith. Some stories last through the existence of time. They realize the power of a universal space. Such is the force of an art object. A reflective image that possesses a difference made by the human spirit for meaningful introspection.

My work has been sympathetic in its attempt to convey a sense of humanity and express emotions with reference to a human condition. The questions they arouse attempt to open one’s comprehension of ‘real truths’. With each piece, the void opens and self discovery beyond the limits of the visible are fostered. New meaning is evoked for each of us. Fantasy and reality playing a harmonious song about man and nature’s co-existence. Perhaps the work is simply an expression of purity that is commonplace in our soul.

We see the dangers of our way with the world when we recognize the ‘endangered’. Stories remain as a testimony of the fruitful and lost bounty for a people’s survival. The artist acts upon observation, interpretation, and reflections of stories to present a visual representation with the documentation of time. Maybe the role of my art is ‘keeper of the story’. Remember… everyone has a story.